NOTE!  FTS would like to congratulate President Donald J. Trump on his 1st Day in the Office!

FTS offers our full support to the new President and wish him the very best.


The concept of FTS is nothing new, private vessels have provided naval services in the past. Protecting convoys against pirates and enemy forces throughout the centuries. 

  • Our goal is revise an old concept for modern times.  

  • Piracy is still a major threat to the shipping industry today.

        But there is also another threat to the security of nations. 

  • Illegal immigrants crowded on vessels making their way to shores, mixed in with the immigrants, terrorist whose goal is to cause destruction.   

  • Military and law enforcement are already engaged in other activities. 

  • Patrols form Private Security vessels could mean the difference from being attacked to attack stopped. 

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Maritime & Land Security Services