Welcome to FTS
Your solution for both maritime and land based protection.

There is a saying, when seconds count, police are minutes away. Even when help arrives, it is already too late, the crime has already been committed. Our goal in FTS is to keep those crimes from being committed.

This is done with proper training, hiring only professionals, and being proactive in all we do to ensure that your property, your personnel, your community, are secure from criminal activity.

Whether you have a vessel out to sea, a business complex or a private community, the professional officers of FTS will be there to protect your assets and respond to any and all calls in an emergency. 

FTS was started by a security professional with a background in military security, private security and corrections.

The management staff of FTS is highly experienced in large security operations, maritime security operations for both large vessels and port security, also private gated community security. Members of the management staff are also former law enforcement officers, while the company president is a current state law enforcement officer in Pennsylvania.

We pledge to protect your assets against any who would attempt to steal what you have built.


To provide a professional solution in protecting your assets, FTS strives in being proactive, in every climate, in every aspect of security, FTS puts the needs of our clients first in providing that protection.

Our Motto

Acta non Verba - Action not words
We won’t just say we will do something!
We will do what we say!


FTS Registrations and Certifications 

FTS is a Signatory Company of the (ICoC)

FTS is a registered Security Vendor for the United Nations
United Nations Global Marketplace
UNGM registration number is 228892
FTS is a verified US Federal Government Vendor
Registration Numbers

Duns Number:   028201100
TIN/EIN: 45-4921184

System for Award Management: Active until 5/27/2015