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FTS Maritime Security Started out as an armed security agency operating in South Florida. Today I announce that we are going back to our roots.

As of January 1st, 2015, FTS Maritime Security will be known simply as FTS.

FTS will focus on domestic and international security operations such as; Community Security Patrols, Access Control for Building and Property Security, Port & Marine Security, Airport Perimeter Security, Hospital Security, etc...

Along with security services provided, FTS will also offer a comprehensive training program for security officers.

Maritime Security will remain a part of FTS and when contacted, FTS will still provide maritime security services.

Our website will be down for maintaince for several days during December to reflect our return to physical security services.

Thank You

James M Canning

Maritime & Domestic Security:

FTS Maritime Security Inc., incorporated in the United States, is owned and staffed by US Military Veterans.

Since the founding of the original company under Federated Tactical Security, FTS has provided professional security services in protecting the valuable assets of our clients against criminal activity.

With the reorganization in early 2011, FTS has been working towards providing a proactive service to commercial shipping against acts of piracy.

Since our incorporation as FTS Maritime Security Inc., FTS has consulted on Maritime Security issues around the globe, including a published article on the use of maritime security and security in general for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

FTS only hires military veterans and experienced professionals who have provided security to high risk clients protecting them against armed criminal acts. All vessel crews are experienced veterans of the coast guard or navy.

FTS prides itself on its professionalism; we do not wavier in our standards and will not tolerate personnel who do not follow FTS Standards as written.

We look forward to working with you in protecting your assets by providing the professional security service you deserve.


FTS - Maritime Security is PREPARED to protect your assets by providing a proactive protection service for both maritime security and land based security operations.

Our Motto

Acta non Verba - Action not words
We won’t just say we will do something!
We will do what we say!


FTS Registrations and Certifications 

FTS is a Signatory Company of the (ICoC)

FTS is a registered Security Vendor for the United Nations
United Nations Global Marketplace
UNGM registration number is 228892
FTS is a verified US Federal Government Vendor
Registration Numbers

Duns Number:   028201100
TIN/EIN: 45-4921184

System for Award Management: Active until 06/2014