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Since the beginning of civilization, man has sought to protect what is his from those who would try to take it.  Not able to protect everything himself, other people were employed to provide that protection.  

Hence, the Guard was born.

From the inception of the Guard to protect the property of the land owner, came armies to protect the lands and sheriffs and constables to enforce the laws. Over time this evolved into the inception of police and in 1829 the first modern police department was formed. The London Metropolitan Police.

With police and sheriffs in place, security reverted to just observing and reporting, here in the US security was known as a watchman, or night watchman. That was then.


Today, Security is much, much more, it has evolved and grown into just about every aspect of society.

Today security forces provide protection to government buildings and to the very infrastructure of society itself. Private security can be found at power plants, water treatment facilities, public transportation and even prisons to name a few.

With the public, professional security forces also provide service to private companies and communities.  In private communities, security forces act in much the same way as police departments, patrolling the communities and responding to calls, many times working in conjunction with local police.

Private security has continued to grow in the military aspect as well, providing force protection to the military in war / combat zones.  Duties that till a short time ago would have been handled by the military itself.  It is from service in the military and private sector that FTS was conceived.

FTS was founded in 2008 as an armed security provider in South Florida. There, working in conjunction with local police, FTS was instrumental in eliminating criminal activity such as gang and drug activity and in bringing nuisance problems such as underage drinking under control. Then in 2011 FTS started venturing into Maritime Security and was involved in consulting on maritime issues while promoting the use of armed escort vessels to provide a proactive protection service to commercial shipping.

Today, FTS is expanding our horizons.  While still promoting the use of armed escort vessels, FTS will also provide both maritime and land based security teams to provide a professional security solution.


To provide a professional solution in protecting your assets, FTS strives in being proactive, in every climate, in every aspect of security, FTS puts the needs of our clients first in providing that protection.

Our Motto

Acta non Verba - Action not words
We won’t just say we will do something!
We will do what we say!


FTS Registrations and Certifications 

FTS is a Signatory Company of the (ICoC)

FTS is a registered Security Vendor for the United Nations
United Nations Global Marketplace
UNGM registration number is 228892
FTS is a verified US Federal Government Vendor
Registration Numbers

Duns Number:   028201100
TIN/EIN: 45-4921184

System for Award Management: Active until 06/2014